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April 14, 2015

1WRITERSHEART reached a new milestone! 100 blog followers not including FB, Instagram, and email followers. Thank you for your support. For those who believed in my writing and encouraged me to make this dream a reality, know that thank you is simply not enough. I’m forever grateful.

Written for those who think that happiness can be brought by someone else and dedicated to the one who made me realize that the ingredients to my happiness are found within. Be blessed.

King-less Queen

A king-less queen
Who built her castle all her own
With the same material as her heart of stone

Her fortress of solitude
She locked herself away
Her dying heart began to decay

She made it impossible to get in
She set up traps and built walls
Placed trip wires to make visitors fall

In the castle were rooms filled with pain
And bottles filled with tears
Things she’d collected through the years

She kept her heart hidden away
She did not want it too close
If she could, of her heart she would dispose

The castle was covered in ice
No matter the season, it was always cold
But it wasn’t always like that, or so I’m told

She was once warm and kind
A gentle princess loved by all
But was changed by failures, deception and falls

She’d been so hurt she shunned everyone out
And convinced herself not to feel
Thinking it was the only way to heal

A king-less queen
Who built her castle all her own
And only she could save herself from the castle that kept her alone.

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