Reflection, Spiritual

A Good Squeeeeeeeze

One morning I noticed one of my tubes of makeup was running low. Rather than toss it, I gave it a good squeeze and got more makeup out. I was able to keep this up for about 2 weeks. Had I tossed it out when I noticed it was running low, I would've lost all… Continue reading A Good Squeeeeeeeze

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The Great Flood

It all started with a drop Seemingly irrelevant, lack of significance, no meaning or importance It was just a drop But one drop became two and two became three Until there was a light drizzle, but I didn't worry Because they were still drops Then drops became drips and drips lead to downpour Too aware… Continue reading The Great Flood

Reflection, Spiritual

Someone to Listen

Have you ever been in desperate need of a venting session and called your closest friends but no one was available? I have, and times like those have served as a reminder that I will always find a listening ear in Christ. In my most despairing and exasperating moments I've literally cried out to God and although at the time… Continue reading Someone to Listen

Reflection, Spiritual

The Cost of Freedom

Sometimes, we enjoy the benefits of someone else's sacrifice without thinking twice about the price that it cost the other individual. National holidays are a great example of this. While most are on the beach or at BBQs, families visit the graves of loved ones who gave their lives for our freedom. The same can… Continue reading The Cost of Freedom