Reflection, Spiritual

Epic Comeback

I confess I've done some things I'm not proud of; I've fallen deeper and harder than I'd ever expected. Yet in my disdain I've been able to continue trusting God and His will. Anyone can have faith when times are good, but it takes true conviction to say like Micah "...I will rise again..." Get ready… Continue reading Epic Comeback

Reflection, Spiritual

The Process of Healing

I remember begging God during my darkest moments to heal my heart instantly, but I've learned that although He may have the power to do so, it's not always the approach He takes. In today's passage, the lepers could've been cured on the spot, but instead they were healed in the process of going to… Continue reading The Process of Healing

Nonfairytale, Poetry, Strong


  You're too late for the show What did you expect? What did you want to see? The tragedy, a broken me, in agony, trying to flee? You're awfully late, you know But allow me a moment to redirect Here comes the encore, please stay I implore, don't ignore, oh there's so much more You… Continue reading Catharsis

Reflection, Spiritual

Swallowed Up

It's not uncommon to see people praying when times get tough, but what about when all is well? Jonah ran away from God and only called out to Him once he had been swallowed up by a fish. Let's not wait until our problems and situations swallow us up in order to turn to God.… Continue reading Swallowed Up