Reflection, Spiritual

Sick and Tired

Let's be honest, life is neither fair nor perfect. We've all muttered the words "I'm sick and tired". If I've learned anything from my low moments, it's that God never promised us rainless days. He did however, promise to be by our side. It is at the point of "sick and tired" where we experience "the peace… Continue reading Sick and Tired

Reflection, Spiritual

The Architect

The breathtaking St. Peter's Basilica took approximately 120 years to build. I imagine the process was arduous, yet the end result was an awe-inspiring late Renaissance church, which we wouldn't be able to fully appreciate had it been left undone. Now apply this concept to today's passage. We may be a mere blueprint, a pile of bricks,… Continue reading The Architect


The Book

The first publication of 1 Writers Heart is finally here! It is available in softcover, PDF, and eBook formats. Click one of the following links below to preview and order. Thank you in advance for your support and be blessed! Softcover and PDF: Click Here eBook: Click Here

Reflection, Spiritual

Closet Christian

We live in a time where everyone is fighting for their rights, where people freely speak their minds, and uncensored boldness is the new norm. This should be the best time to be a believer and to boldly share the gospel, yet many of us do the opposite out of fear. The Bible is clear,… Continue reading Closet Christian