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2 Thieves 

When Jesus was on the cross, he had a thief on either side. One of them taunted Christ, while the other simply asked that Jesus remember him once He got to heaven. Although he waited until last-minute to repent, he was not turned away because, after all, he was sincere. Salvation is just that simple;… Continue reading 2 Thieves 

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Lamentations 3:22-23

God is faithful!

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He Loved First

There are people who seem to love so easily, but for those who have suffered heartaches it can be a little more difficult and some have even considered themselves incapable of love. Often times we fear love because we fear getting hurt. The Bible speaks of the ultimate love story in John 3:16. God sent His only… Continue reading He Loved First

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Amazing Grace

Need I say more.....

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Farewell Past 

Have you ever seen an infomercial advertising a detergent that "leaves things looking like new" and thought sounds too good to be true? It's that same skepticism which keeps us from seeking God's forgiveness. I've often thought, there's no way God can forgive me now, thinking that He wouldn't be able to see past my… Continue reading Farewell Past