Show Your Support!

Thanks to everyone who purchased a shirt and shows their support each time they wear it. I've gotten word that one shirt made it as far as JAPAN!! I'd like to know how you wear your shirt, answer below or send your picture to purchase requests can be sent there as well. Stay tuned for… Continue reading Show Your Support!

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Flashback Friday: Unfinished

Here's an oldie from a little over 2 years, "Unfinished": I’m in a fog, lost in obscurity, a princess with no frog But a frog is not ideal; I’m looking for a feeling that’s surreal I’ve searched lost and found thinking you might be around My other half, finished product, alone I’m just the draft… Continue reading Flashback Friday: Unfinished

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As we enter the month of February, we immediately think of VALENTINE'S DAY. With that comes the usual chocolates, gifts, flowers,cards, hearts, and everything else we associate with love. Is that really love? Is that what love is all about? One day out of a month in the year? Love is much more than that. 1 Corinthians… Continue reading Loveless