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April 2016

One Day at a Time

Recovery, from anything, is a process that can only be accomplished one day at a time.

Sight vs. Vision

The Language of Me

You were fluent 
Not in the spoken word
Or written text

You were fluent 
In the language your eyes spoke
And my heart understood

You were fluent 
We spoke volumes without a single word
You were fluent in the language of me

Better Off Alone

I’ve learned that we are worth too much to beg another person for their love and attention. Truth be told, what one person is not willing to give, another will.

Who ever said being in your own company was a bad thing anyway?

Surrounded and Alone

We never know what another person is going through. Give someone a smile, it may just make a world of a difference.

Where’s Your Stuff?

A special thank you to those who have posted and sent in their pictures in support of


Do you have your copy of The Book ? What about your shirt?


Unknown Quote

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