Reflection, Spiritual

Temporary Leaves 

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the garden of Eden, they felt exposed and tried to cover themselves with leaves. Later on, despite being disappointed with them due to their disobedience, God made them better coverings from animal skins. The point? When we mess up and try to fix things on our own, it's… Continue reading Temporary Leaves 

Reflection, Strong

A Page From My Heart

Some years ago my parents ended their 25+ year marriage in divorce and my father left our home. The situation surrounding the divorce was extremely painful, not just for my mother, but for my family as well, particularly for me. While I rather not focus on the reasons for their divorce, I will say that… Continue reading A Page From My Heart

Reflection, Spiritual

His Ultimate Creation

Sometimes, during quiet moments, I like to observe nature. I find there's a special kind of peace in doing this. It amazes me how each thing has its own beauty and story to tell. Yet there is one thing it all has in common; everything was created by God and in its own way, nature's… Continue reading His Ultimate Creation