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During life's storms I've learned that prayer is the lifeline that has kept me afloat. In times of need remember to Always Say A Prayer In good times remember to Always Say A Prayer In moments of desperation remember to Always Say A Prayer In quiet moments remember to Always Say A Prayer At all… Continue reading A.S.A.P.

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Good Day

Let's make today a good day. Yesterday passed and tomorrow is not promised, all we truly have is...TODAY.

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My Gift To Myself

I decided to give myself something, so I gave myself respect.  The power to love thyself wholeheartedly the power to accept Because I thought that life was great for everyone except  Me.  I realized I was out of this world when I gave myself some space From those things that hurt causing me to fade,… Continue reading My Gift To Myself

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One Breath At A Time

For the moments when one day at a time seems too difficult to attain, there's one breath at a time. Whatever your speed, trust in God, His plan, and His promise to be by your side.

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Stand Up

If life has taught me one thing it's this, the key to falling is in getting back up.

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Releasing History & Reaching Out For Destiny

Consider this: is it possible to a drive a car forward if we only look through the rear view mirror? Of course not, yet we often do that in life. I am guilty doing it. The enemy tries to use our past in order to keep us from moving forward to the things God has… Continue reading Releasing History & Reaching Out For Destiny

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I hate that our summers have turned to fall and... maybe winter  I just can't help that I've fallen I try so hard to get back up but I keep falling  If I'm distant it's only as a precaution not to fall in... Love