“Fight For The Heart”

There was a beauty about her sadness
There was logic to her madness
There was a flicker within her darkness
There was warmth though she was heartless

She was fragile and at the same time strong like glass
Set firmly in her ways unwilling to give in so she cracked
Life was cruel and one might even say crass
Her plans were sabotaged and her heart hijacked

Like a phoenix, she rose from the ashes
Fighting for her heart amidst war cries and sword clashes
Hiding her pain behind dark sun glasses
Ridding herself of tears with the bat of eyelashes

There was something sweet about her bitterness
There was value to what she considered worthless
There was a drive despite her unwillingness
There was a plan behind what she considered pointless
There was healing in her brokenness
There was strength in her weakness

And as dusk turned to night and night to dawn
She gathered herself and decided to move on.