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February 14, 2017

Love No More

I loved you with all I had in store. My love was deep like the ocean floor. 

Loved you with my heart, my essence, and down to my core. 

They say all is fair in love and war. 

But I loved you too much until I could love no more.

Best Friend 

The One Whom My Heart Is For

To the one whom my heart is for,

who makes my spirit soar.

If other lives existed, I’d want an encore.

Let this paper be the cup in which my heart I pour.

Like I a bottomless pit, I will always want more.

I thought love like this didn’t exist, like unicorns and centaurs,

but you proved me wrong and made it your chore

to break down my walls and my heart explore.

I was torn, you provoked in me a civil war.

How could you love me with my darkness, an internal eyesore?

I wanted to let you in but I locked the front door.

I sheltered myself in a fortress where I thought I’d be alone forevermore.

But you sailed my sea of tears and waited patiently offshore.

My bursts of anger you calmly handled like a graceful matador.

You killed me with kindness slowly building rapport,

until I let down my guard and couldn’t hold back anymore.

Our love is deeply rooted and grows like the great sycamore.

All thanks to you my friend, my hero, my mentor;

the one whom my heart is for.

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