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Walls to Bridges

Here's to moving forward and making progress while doing it. 

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Be Encouraged!

Cheer up and keep going!

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Choose Right

It's easier to do wrong but the opposite is more rewarding.

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Trying to be Better

Often times I am quick to point my finger, forgetting that I too have flaws, I too have fallen, I too have sinned. No one is better than the other. We all are humans, we all bleed shades of crimson, and what I lack, another has in abundance. Where I fail, another excels. I must… Continue reading Trying to be Better

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Día Mundial de la Poesía

Hoy celebramos el día mundial de la poesía. Celebramos este arte y aquellos que escriben todavía, cuyas palabras pintan imágenes tan bellas como aquellas que ves en una galería. Celebramos el que elocuentemente declama a todo aquel que lo oiría. También celebramos al lector, el que descifra cada coma, cada tilde y toda la palabrería,… Continue reading Día Mundial de la Poesía

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World Poetry Day

For the poets, writers, readers, and listeners!!!!