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August 2017

Love Capsule

A real smile can’t be hidden.

Jesus Your Love

Heart pounds like thunder

Boom boom boom boom

It’s whispered your name

Ever since my mother’s womb

I fell for you as rain falls to the earth

Splish splash splish splash

You’re an artist and a wonder worker

Made beauty from my heart of ash

Your love fills my lungs so I may breathe

Your love fuels my faith so I may believe

Your love rescued me from sin and shame

Your love kept you on the cross as you took my blame

I never knew love like this

That which saved me from sin’s abyss

Your love gave my dim life color

Jesus, your love is like no other

¿Santos o Salvos?

A veces hay más santos que pecadores
Y se nos olvida que los triunfantes son los luchadores
No solo los que aparentan, en sus vitrinas y en sus mostradores
Dejemos el papel de acusadores y acordémonos que somos
Portadores de paz
Pescadores de hombres
Segadores de la palabra
Seguidores del Padre
Imitadores de Jesús

Viajemos el mundo, seamos exploradores
Busquemos soluciones, seamos innovadores
Construyamos puentes en vez de quemarlos, seamos soldadores
Defendamos nuestras creencias, seamos reformadores
Pensemos en grande, seamos soñadores
Amemos el arte, somos creación, seamos creadores
Luchemos contra el mal, somos más que vencedores
Pero sobre todo que nunca se nos olvide que todos somos pecadores

Apology Letter

I’m sorry

I gave you up so easily

Should’ve held on tighter and longer

I did this so frequently

Should’ve controlled your flames like a firefighter

Should’ve taught you to be stronger

I’m sorry

I let you crumble

Should’ve guarded you and kept you safe

Instead, I kept tripping’ kept a steady stumble

Should’ve not let you get wrapped up like a mummy

Should’ve left you free and unswathed.

I’m sorry

I let you hurt

Should’ve known better

Maybe if I wasn’t such an introvert

Could’ve not become attached and avoided bitter tears

Could’ve prevented having to write this apology letter

Dear heart,

I’m sorry.


It is
unconditional, unrivaled, and unmeasurable
But we are undeserving

You understood and unselfishly gave it all for the known and unknown

Unleashing an unbiased and unimaginable

Something About You

Oh my dear…
I've told you in the past
You have a way about you.
If this were a fairytale, some would call it magic.
Me? I simply call it amazing.
If this were the hood, some would call it game.
Me? I simply call it amazing.
If this were titanic some would call it the iceberg.
But me? I simply call it amazing.

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