Español, Poetry, Spiritual

Vengo A Ti

Jesús, Jesús, Jesús, Jesús Donde se termina el día y empieza la noche Ahí estás tú Cuando las memorias de errores pasados llegan a mi mente con reproche Ahí estás tú Antes de llamar Antes de gemir Antes de clamar Antes de mi boca abrir Antes de llorar Antes de a ti acudir Ahí estás… Continue reading Vengo A Ti

Reflection, Spiritual

Made for Eternity

In a recent Bible study with the youth of my church, we were discussing Romans 12:2 where Paul writes not to “conform to this world”. I explained to them that our lives here are simply a pit stop on the way to eternity. It is what we do here though, that affects our eternity. While… Continue reading Made for Eternity