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May 2018

Faux Real Love

Everybody wanna flaunt their versions of love
But when your Ace turns to an ex, a why or a “what was I thinking of?”
You begin to wonder if real love was ever the plan?
Looks like it failed the true or false exam
Illusions of being better make you bitter
Because you tried to paint silver linings with cheap glitter
Being with someone part time because it’s better than being alone
Those cheap stunts got you dethroned
Rather than royalty people make you their jester
For entertainment only, then they’re out before you confuse ‘em with an investor
Commitment is like a bucket hat, they’re both out of style
Love is whatever you can give or get here and now
Everybody wanna flaunt their love but is it real or a real good fake?
Counterfeit, cuz the real deal is too much too fast so they pull hard on the e-brake
People’s versions of love today is looking like a knockoff
Knock it off. So what if y’all hooked up. Mazel tov?
More like Molotov cocktail, short fuse, short-lived
That type of “love” is corrosive
What’s wrong with a little old school?
What’s wrong with waiting and a little woo?
What’s wrong with getting to know you?
With time and words, not a peek or a preview.
Everybody wanna show off their boo or their bae
When what they’re really showing is the flavor of the day
Love is a fruit, it should fill, not leave a void
Love is a voluntary action, you shouldn’t feel like you’re employed
Love goes beyond financial status or the things money can buy
It’s not just a rich girl or guy by your side parading you like a trophy wife because if that’s the plan then boy bye!
It’s a value so significant, real love makes you priceless
Far more than a dime or just being fine, real love recognizes you’re royalty…your highness
But everybody wanna put their love on display
Most of these, like your stories, vanish by the end of the day
Let’s call it Casper because when the tough gets going the love goes ghost
On the other hand, some just try too hard, you’re doing the most
True love takes time and lasts through good and bad times
It’s an uphill challenge but once you get a glimpse, you’ll know it was worth the climb
So go ahead and flaunt your passion and your sex appeal
Just make sure that the love you love isn’t faux real.



Happy Mother’s Day ladies!

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day,
So remember this when clouds turn to gray,
and when the house is messy from the kids’ bustle and play.
“Good things take time”, that’s what people say,
And though today’s teachings will be tomorrow’s yesterday,
It will be those things that show your kids the right way.
So be the rock that lays the foundation today.
You’re a mom and you’re beautiful that way!


Smile for the World

When you see the world, you smile.
If smiles were gas we’d travel for miles.
When you see the world, you smile,
but when the world sees you it smiles back for a while.
So smile for the world because that never goes out of style!


Hello Sunshine!

A little early mother’s day poem for the mommies out there:

Oh Roses, tulips, and flowering vines
Yet none are bright as this flower of mine
Let me say thank you with this short rhyme
For planting, in my heart, seeds of sunshine!


Historia de Amor

El autor se sentó a la mesa a escribir

Y ahí Su historia comenzó a concebir

“Esta sería una historia que cambiaría el mundo”, Él empezó a decir

“No hay, ni habrá otra similar, ni en el pasado, ni en lo porvenir”

“Esta es una historia de amor

Y aunque el protagonista sufrió mucho dolor

Es una historia de esperanza”, pensó el autor

Y con cada palabra que escribía, a Su historia le daba color

“La escribo para el que está cargado, el desanimado, y el triste

Para aquel que persevera, que insiste y persiste

Es para el incrédulo, aquel que piensa que el amor no existe

Para el rico que lo tiene todo, y el pobre que con poco subsiste

Mientras escribía el autor, Sus ojos se inundaron de lágrimas que no le permitían ver,

Pero era necesario continuar escribiendo, porque el mundo necesita saber

Que hay un amor tan fuerte que ni el pecado lo puede disolver

Un amor que arropa, perdona, cambia y nunca deja de ser

Fue por amor que el protagonista pagó el precio mayor

Fue por amor que sus acciones optimistas le resultaron en tan grande dolor

Fue por amor que aún con Su vista nublada por la sangre y el sudor

Él observó a su alrededor, pasó lista y tú estabas en la mira del gran Salvador

Cada palabra escrita lleva con ella un gran peso

Pues este acto de amor, la muerte del protagonista, pagó nuestras deudas en exceso

Este acto marcó la eternidad del mundo ofreciéndonos acceso

A una vida de esperanza que, aunque difícil, nos libró de ser presos

Muchos conocemos la historia, pero no termina con la resurrección de Jesús

Este capítulo de amor solo comenzó en la cruz

Él pone comas donde antes habían puntos, porque en Él hay esperanza ilimitada para dar

Él es la respuesta a cualquier prueba que te quiera hacer fallar

Aún le falta mucho al autor por escribir, porque las páginas de tu vida quiere llenar

Su amor no tiene medida y tu final feliz Él te quiere dar



A Ray of Light

This morning as I walked outside, I caught a glimpse of the sunrise which squeezed its rays through, what I consider to be, very tall bushes. It was a majestic display, and simultaneously intriguing how the sun, as big as it is, managed to slip through a crack in the wall and the shrubs that covered it. The Son is capable of doing the same, if we allow it. He is The Creator of everything, He holds the world in His hands, however, if we let Him past our walls, He would gladly come in to shine His light and fill us with His love.

The one who is the true light, who gives light to everyone, was coming into the world. He came into the very world he created, but the world didn’t recognize him. He came to his own people, and even they rejected him. But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God. (John 1:9-12 NLT)


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