Love, Poetry

RIP Love?

RIP Love?

I attended a funeral today

Love is dead they say

Rest in peace, fresh grave


But I refuse to accept

I would believe it except

I still feel love’s effect


In the stillness I reminisced

Reminded of love’s bliss

It can’t be buried in this abyss


Unable to control or contain

The doubt drove me insane

I dug up the grave, hopefully not in vain


An empty tomb lay before me

Love wasn’t buried beneath me

I had to find love, it behooved me


Desperate, determined, and delighted

My quest for love ignited

In me a fusion of emotions that collided


It peeked at me from behind

The smile of a child, love was free, unconfined


It was in the breeze

In a lovers’ kiss, his embrace her squeeze


I saw it ignite as a passion

To help others with compassion


Satisfied knowing that love was alive

I set out but tripped and took a nose dive

And fell in love when I least expected it to arrive

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