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Better Off Alone

I've learned that we are worth too much to beg another person for their love and attention. Truth be told, what one person is not willing to give, another will. Who ever said being in your own company was a bad thing anyway?

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One and Only

I recently overheard a group of friends who were having a discussion on the correct way to write "God". The argument was that if someone were referring to our heavenly father, then it should not be spelled in lowercase, because He is not a god, but rather God, the one and only. He is the… Continue reading One and Only

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Offending God

Have you ever had someone upset at you, but you didn't know why? Then upon questioning the person (or perhaps other people) you realize it was something you'd done but didn't know it was offensive to others because to you it was normal. Sometimes we become so comfortable with sin, we don't realize that it… Continue reading Offending God

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You Probably Won’t Read This

If I can't be honest with myself, how can I be honest with the world?  Allow me a moment of your time to share a piece of my heart. I didn't start my page just to paint a perfect picture. Life isn't always seen through rose-tinted glasses. There are issues, real issues that we don't like… Continue reading You Probably Won’t Read This