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A Ray of Light

This morning as I walked outside, I caught a glimpse of the sunrise which squeezed its rays through, what I consider to be, very tall bushes. It was a majestic display, and simultaneously intriguing how the sun, as big as it is, managed to slip through a crack in the wall and the shrubs that… Continue reading A Ray of Light

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Light of His Love

For me, it wasn’t about eloquence or being convinced that this was the correct path, it was about love. To know Him is to know Love.

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Halellujah Night

It was a hallelujah night The darkness could not resist It was a hallelujah night Even the darkest of fears had to desist It was a hallelujah night And evil was simply dismissed It was a hallelujah night All warrior angels were called to enlist It was a hallelujah night And hell’s plans would cease… Continue reading Halellujah Night

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No More Tears

There are moments in our lives where sadness and pain overwhelm us. Times when crying seems to be the only way to vent our frustrations. Having dealt with loss, heartbreak, guilt and plain old depression, I am all too familiar with this feeling. Even those who have been fortunate enough to not have dealt with… Continue reading No More Tears

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God’s Secret Service?

Prior to leaving this earth, Jesus left us with what we know as "The Great Commission" which is to go and spread the gospel. Now, if we believe we are in this world but not from it, then why do we try so hard to disguise or sugarcoat the gospel? I was listening to a… Continue reading God’s Secret Service?

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This Christmas 

Christmas is not about the gifts others give us, but about the gift God gave us through His son Jesus Christ, hence CHRISTmas! I wish you much joy, peace, love, and many blessings this holiday season. May His light shine through us today and for years to come. Merry CHRISTmas!!!!