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Happy New Year 2020

Hi Everyone,


What an exciting time it is, to celebrate new beginnings, fresh ideas, establish goals and start off with a clean slate! It’s an interesting thing this 2020, watch the video below for a quick New Year word.


Happy New Year, all the best in 2020!!!

20/20 Faith Vision

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La Gran Obra

Una obra de misericordia

Tú, El gran protagonista
Pudiendo condenarme, preferiste ser el pacifista
Conmovido por el amor y la misericordia
Decidiste marcar mi vida, cambiar mi historia
Manos llenas de piedras, listas para condenarme
Pero tu mano de misericordia intervino para salvarme
Ese día, en el escenario de mi vida
Tú, El protagonista, me levantaste después de la caída
Y a ti te doy la gloria
Por esta obra de misericordia

Una obra del perdón

Tú, El gran protagonista
Al lado de un ladrón, pero siempre idealista
Crucificado a pesar ser de inocente
Tu único crimen fue querer salvar a la gente
Nunca me imaginé que en una conversación
Podría ser perdonado y tener la salvación
Te importó más mi eternidad que tu presente
Tu amor por el pecador fue muy evidente
En tu paraíso me encuentro a pesar de ser ladrón
Porque cambiaste mi vida con tu obra de perdón

Una obra de amor

Tú, El gran protagonista
Tus ojos llenos de sangre, pero nunca me perdiste de vista
Como me dolía verte crucificado, verte pasar dolor
Entregar Tu vida por el mundo, ser el Gran Salvador
Recuerdo la alegría cuando naciste que te tuve en mis brazos
También recordaré el día cuando te castigaron a latigazos
Y a pesar de todo, en tus últimas palabras los perdonaste
Y en tus últimos respiros, de tu madre te acordaste
Como dice la palabra, me trataste con honor
“Hijo he ahí tu madre” fue tu obra de amor

La Gran Obra
El Calvario fue el escenario
Del gran protagonista legendario
Que, con cada obra, muchas vidas cambió
Pero la gran obra fue cuando Su vida dio
Años después Él sigue obrando
Sus palabras y hechos siguen marcando
El gran protagonista quien por nosotros murió
Ni la tumba lo detuvo porque también resucitó
Jesús es el protagonista legendario
Hoy continua la obra, pero en tu corazón, que es el escenario.

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Black Friday

There was a lot of hustle and buzz

The news spread far, the lines were long

People from all over came, that’s just what everyone does

But they all had an opinion, some right, most wrong

This was a once in a while event

But today it drew more attention

Everyone who could go, went

The place was packed with people, gossip and tension

Black was the Friday when our Savior hung

From a cross where He drew His last breaths

Seven last words He withdrew from tired lungs

Before His collapse and ultimate death

But Sunday was coming with more than expected

Despite what the cross displayed

The plan of salvation remained unaffected

By the events of that Black Friday

One Writers Heart

Mi Refugio: Tu Presencia

Me refugiaré en Tu presencia

Cuando sienta que ya no puedo dar un paso más
Ni para adelante, ni para atrás.

Me refugiaré en Tu presencia

Cuando mis problemas se conviertan en tormentas
Y me ahogue en sus aguas turbulentas.

Me refugiaré en Tu presencia

Cuando los lagos de mis ojos estén llenos de lágrimas amargas
Y me derrumbe bajo el peso de mi ansiedad y mi carga

Me refugiaré en Tu presencia

Cuando el hombre pinte un cuadro de desamparo y depresión
Porque Tu pincel pinta con los colores de esperanza, amor y salvación

Me refugiaré en Tu presencia

Cuando no encaje con el mundo y se burlen de mi personalidad
Porque no importa lo que digan, en Ti está mi identidad

Me refugiaré en Tu presencia

Cuando mi única compañía sea la soledad
Porque Tu amor es todo lo que necesito como amistad

Me refugiaré en Tu presencia

Porque en Tu abrazo encuentro libertad
Porque Tu mirada me guía a hacer Tu voluntad

Me refugiaré en Tu presencia

Cuando llueva y también cuando salga el sol a brillar
Porque nada se compara con Tu presencia, no hay mejor lugar

Me refugiaré en Tu presencia

logo aloneEscritora De Corazón

Mi Refugio: Tus Palabras

Me refugiaré en Tus palabras
Porque ellas no pasarán
Abren caminos, y mis pasos iluminarán

Me refugiaré en Tu cobertura
Porque en Ti mi vida está segura
Contigo veré la mañana de la noche oscura

Me refugiaré en Tu gracia
Porque es más que suficiente para mí
Pongo mi fe completamente en Ti

Me refugiaré en Tu protección
Porque ningún arma forjada contra mí podrá vencer
Contigo tengo la victoria, no hay nada que no puedas hacer

Me refugiaré en Tu voluntad para mí
Porque eres autor de la vida y confío en lo que harás
Tus pensamientos para mi futuro son de paz

Me refugiaré en Tus promesas
Porque tu especialidad es en lo imposible
Lo increíble para Ti, oh Dios, es factible
Me refugiaré en Ti

logo aloneEscritora De Corazón

Something About You

Something about you
reaches far beyond any man can go.
You touch my infinity,
never once forgetting your chivalry.
You go beyond my frigidity
straight to my heart, literally.
You reach far beyond any man can go
and you do so quite skillfully.

Something about you
speaks volumes in a quiet whisper.
You speak the language of my spirit
so clear I can almost hear it,
so sweet like a love song lyric,
so real that I live it.
You speak volumes in a quiet whisper
don’t ever stop, just keep with it.

Something about you
seems so familiar
as if I knew you before we met,
synchronized like a quartet,
in life and death, before my sunrise and after the sun sets.
We’re destined to be, this love was preset.

Something seems so familiar.
You’re the one my spirit and heart cannot forget.

I get lost in your love, but who’s keeping score?
With you, the present is a gift with daily encores.
If this love were rain bring on the downpours.
Let the entirety of my eternity forever be yours.



The Journey

I’ve been re-reading the story of Joseph recently in an effort to look at it from a different perspective because I believe that Hebrews 4:12 is true in saying that the word of God is living and active.

We usually read the story of Joseph with the outcome in mind, but what if just maybe, the real story is in the journey? The Joseph that had the dreams in Genesis 37 was not the same Joseph who was put in charge at the end of chapter 41. There was a process that he had to go through, not because the blessing was in the making, not because it needed to be tweaked a little, or because it needed to bake a little longer in heaven’s oven of miracles and wonders, NO. The process was to prepare Joseph for the coming chapters that God had already written.

It is my belief that his time in Potiphar’s house introduced him to Egyptian culture as well as gave him some insight on stewardship and leadership. Later, in jail, he continued practicing his much-needed leadership skills. Of course, we know that years later, he was made second in command, but I’m not just telling you a nice story. I want to point out that the journey which led to Joseph being a leader was just as important as the outcome. It was not a pleasant path. He was sold into slavery, harassed, wrongfully accused and imprisoned. However, note that despite the many attempts to knock him off course, he was pushed in the right direction. Again with Potiphar, it seemed Joseph was knocked off track when he was accused and jailed but that only got him closer to where he would eventually end up. In each step, there was a lesson or a skill to be learned. Each event was a piece to the puzzle of an outcome that God had previously designed.

Joseph’s story reminds me of one of my favorite songs to listen to during my quiet time with God: Waymaker. The words to the song speak of how God wipes tears, mends hearts, lights the way and works miracles, all in an effort to clear the path toward the blessing that He has already prepared for us when our story was written. There are 2 important facts to take note of here:

  1. If He’s mending hearts, it’s because they may break along the way. If He’s wiping tears it’s because they will be shed. If He’s lighting the way, it’s because dark times will come.
  2. If He’s paved to the way to the blessing, then He’s already been there, which confirms that it is ready and waiting and that, like the Bible says, He is THE way.

Dear friends, I don’t know what dreams God may have placed in your hearts and what struggles you may have found along the way, but what I do know is this: our stories have been written and the road to our blessings have been paved. Let us take a page from Paul’s book and rejoice in our struggles because they are mere stepping stones which will help prepare us for what’s to come. Keep the words of Deuteronomy 31:8 near your heart and be encouraged because our Heavenly Father is with us. He goes before us leading the way.

Let these words inspire you to also help others along the way with the gift of salvation. Wield words of hope into your daily conversations and let these be woven into the eternities of all who hear them. Let them be floating lanterns which pierce the darkness as they drift away, and let them always shine a light on the true protagonist of each and every one of our stories, Jesus.


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