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La Gran Obra

Una obra de misericordia

Tú, El gran protagonista
Pudiendo condenarme, preferiste ser el pacifista
Conmovido por el amor y la misericordia
Decidiste marcar mi vida, cambiar mi historia
Manos llenas de piedras, listas para condenarme
Pero tu mano de misericordia intervino para salvarme
Ese día, en el escenario de mi vida
Tú, El protagonista, me levantaste después de la caída
Y a ti te doy la gloria
Por esta obra de misericordia

Una obra del perdón

Tú, El gran protagonista
Al lado de un ladrón, pero siempre idealista
Crucificado a pesar ser de inocente
Tu único crimen fue querer salvar a la gente
Nunca me imaginé que en una conversación
Podría ser perdonado y tener la salvación
Te importó más mi eternidad que tu presente
Tu amor por el pecador fue muy evidente
En tu paraíso me encuentro a pesar de ser ladrón
Porque cambiaste mi vida con tu obra de perdón

Una obra de amor

Tú, El gran protagonista
Tus ojos llenos de sangre, pero nunca me perdiste de vista
Como me dolía verte crucificado, verte pasar dolor
Entregar Tu vida por el mundo, ser el Gran Salvador
Recuerdo la alegría cuando naciste que te tuve en mis brazos
También recordaré el día cuando te castigaron a latigazos
Y a pesar de todo, en tus últimas palabras los perdonaste
Y en tus últimos respiros, de tu madre te acordaste
Como dice la palabra, me trataste con honor
“Hijo he ahí tu madre” fue tu obra de amor

La Gran Obra
El Calvario fue el escenario
Del gran protagonista legendario
Que, con cada obra, muchas vidas cambió
Pero la gran obra fue cuando Su vida dio
Años después Él sigue obrando
Sus palabras y hechos siguen marcando
El gran protagonista quien por nosotros murió
Ni la tumba lo detuvo porque también resucitó
Jesús es el protagonista legendario
Hoy continua la obra, pero en tu corazón, que es el escenario.

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The Weekend

I don’t usually do this, but due to the nature of the poem, I feel there must be some sort of disclaimer for the reader.
It’s no secret that in the past I struggled with the thought of taking my own life. Thanks to many tear-filled prayers, a new outlook on life, and a renewed faith in Christ as my savior, I was able to overcome these feelings. However, sometimes it’s like expecting it will never rain again once a hurricane has passed. This is simply not the case. Bad days will still come, a negative thought may try to creep in, but the key is to know that the answer is never suicide and always Jesus!

This weekend I wanted to kill myself

It’s not the usual thing to do
But I was sick and tired like the flu
I was a Crayola in the box, feeling blue
Thinking: Everyone wants a piece of the pie or two

This weekend I wanted to kill myself

Because I couldn’t seem to get anything right
My mind was a battlefield in a constant fight
People’s comments were like birds that took flight
And made nests in my head, pulling me away from the light
Making me blind to everything but the negativity in sight

This weekend I wanted to kill myself

Because I couldn’t find one person to hear me out
I was a steaming teapot with nowhere to point my spout
Part of me considered a chemical blackout
Thinking a bottle of pills would do the trick, no doubt
Except I did, doubt, because I didn’t want to be a dropout
And so I went on to writing to hideout

This weekend I wanted to kill myself

Everyone seemed to have a complaint
Not good enough, you never have time, what’s wrong with your brain?
All their comments and teases were a runaway train
Aimed straight at my heart, call cardio I’ve got chest pain
It doesn’t matter what I do, my efforts are in vain
I’m about to fold, this poker face I can’t maintain
My vision is cloudy, I forecast a sobbing rain
And yet I feel, in all of this I’m the one to blame

This weekend I wanted to kill myself

Yea, it’s true
I know it’s not the usual thing for one to do
Good news is, the signal was weak and the message didn’t go through
So I’m here now, writing to you
We never know what a person is going through
Or what storms are stirring inside just by plain view
Maybe an act of your kindness is long overdue
Maybe that’s all they need to undo
Because we’ve got one life to live, no redos
This weekend I wrote this, and now I’m sharing with you.
What was your weekend like, what did you do?

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Faux Real Love

Everybody wanna flaunt their versions of love
But when your Ace turns to an ex, a why or a “what was I thinking of?”
You begin to wonder if real love was ever the plan?
Looks like it failed the true or false exam
Illusions of being better make you bitter
Because you tried to paint silver linings with cheap glitter
Being with someone part time because it’s better than being alone
Those cheap stunts got you dethroned
Rather than royalty people make you their jester
For entertainment only, then they’re out before you confuse ‘em with an investor
Commitment is like a bucket hat, they’re both out of style
Love is whatever you can give or get here and now
Everybody wanna flaunt their love but is it real or a real good fake?
Counterfeit, cuz the real deal is too much too fast so they pull hard on the e-brake
People’s versions of love today is looking like a knockoff
Knock it off. So what if y’all hooked up. Mazel tov?
More like Molotov cocktail, short fuse, short-lived
That type of “love” is corrosive
What’s wrong with a little old school?
What’s wrong with waiting and a little woo?
What’s wrong with getting to know you?
With time and words, not a peek or a preview.
Everybody wanna show off their boo or their bae
When what they’re really showing is the flavor of the day
Love is a fruit, it should fill, not leave a void
Love is a voluntary action, you shouldn’t feel like you’re employed
Love goes beyond financial status or the things money can buy
It’s not just a rich girl or guy by your side parading you like a trophy wife because if that’s the plan then boy bye!
It’s a value so significant, real love makes you priceless
Far more than a dime or just being fine, real love recognizes you’re royalty…your highness
But everybody wanna put their love on display
Most of these, like your stories, vanish by the end of the day
Let’s call it Casper because when the tough gets going the love goes ghost
On the other hand, some just try too hard, you’re doing the most
True love takes time and lasts through good and bad times
It’s an uphill challenge but once you get a glimpse, you’ll know it was worth the climb
So go ahead and flaunt your passion and your sex appeal
Just make sure that the love you love isn’t faux real.


Ticking Time Bomb

Ticking time bomb is the heart
on the verge of an implosion
Bottomless barrel with a capacity limit
It’s just so deep no one knows it
Each beat is a beating against chest walls
Pounding for freedom, swollen from unwept woes
An array of masks cloak true identities, true feelings, unspoken truths
In an effort to share itself, the heart exposed inner vulnerabilities
But rather than value the gesture, others became its tormentors
Using the heart’s weaknesses as their strengths
So the heart begins to tick, and a tick becomes a pulse, a pulse a beat, a beat a pound, a pound a boom, and a boom a flat line
Ticking time bomb was the heart
but it’s too late, it already exploded


All done
Hair and makeup undone
But I’m done
Nope, this isn’t a dry run
Believe it or not, I’m all done
Washing machine after the clothes has spun
I’m done
Shooting out lines like a water gun
Ladies and gents I’m done
Perfectly imperfect little someone
I’m done
Carefully knitted together by The One
Who’s only just begun
Yet simultaneously all done
I’m not taking suggestions from anyone
And this is no competition
Made by God, loved by The Son
Don’t try to change me, I’m all done

World Mental Health Day

Not so fun facts (According to the World Health Organization):

  • More than 300 million people of all ages worldwide suffer from depression (and/or bipolar disorder).
  • Depression can lead to suicide. More than 800,000 people worldwide take their own lives each year, and even more attempt to do so.
  • In 2015 suicide was the 2nd leading cause of death amongst 15-29-year-olds globally.
  • More than 21 million people worldwide suffer from schizophrenia.

A diagnosis, a label, or a tag does not define a person. The above facts are not intended to shame anyone but to bring to light something very important: You are NOT alone.

There are very effective treatments for mental health issues, but often times we don’t seek them because we give into the lie that no one will understand. There are trained professionals willing to help.

Below is a 24/7 hotline from Suicide Prevention Lifeline if you are in the states and need someone to talk to:

1 (800) 273-8255

Lastly, I leave you with this thought: Even when it seems like everyone around has abandoned you, God has promised to never leave you nor forsake you. He loves you with an everlasting love and cares about you.

Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7



Viva, Por Trece Razones

Muchas personas quizás no sepan esto, pero en mi vida he tenido dos intentos fallidos de terminar con todo. Las razones que me llevaron a considerar esto no son tan importantes como las razones que me permitieron no llevarlo acabo. Con todo esto no quiero subestimar el porqué la gente lucha con depresión, ansiedad y la oscuridad que esto conlleva. Quiero resaltar el hecho de que no hay nada más grande que Dios. De experiencia propia he aprendido que hay más razones para vivir que para morir. Con los recientes suicidios en las noticias, la nueva moda de los retos suicidas y también el incremento de películas y series de televisión de este tema, he decidido compartir 13 razones por las cuales no debes quitarte la vida.

  1. Porque la vida es mucho más de lo que puedes pensar.
  2. Porque todavía tienes muchísimas cosas que alcanzar.
  3. Porque tu vida tiene demasiado valor.
  4. Porque tienes un propósito y no estás aquí por error.
  5. Porque sí puedes ser perdonado, Dios te ama más de lo que puedas imaginar.
  6. Porque eres irremplazable y nadie puede ocupar tu lugar.
  7. Porque todavía tienes que ver y vivir tantas cosas maravillosas que existen a tú alrededor.
  8. Porque has sobrevivido la vida hasta ahora y eres un luchador.
  9. Porque tus días oscuros muy pronto verán la luz ya que toda la noche tiene su amanecer.
  10. Porque aunque parezca imposible, vas a superar lo que estás viviendo y esto te va fortalecer.
  11. Porque tu pasado no te define, solo tienes que soltar.
  12. Porque tú importas y eres valioso para alguien, por favor déjate amar.
  13. Porque mientras el proceso sea doloroso y además muy real, Jesús dio su vida para salvar la tuya, darte esperanza y tu corazón sanar.

Existe ayuda, hay esperanza, y lo más importante de todo, es que no estás solo.

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