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El Idioma de Esperanza

En un mundo donde muchos solo ven en dos colores Donde en blanco y negro pintamos nuestros errores Hay quienes tuvieron el valor De poder soñar a todo color. Quienes sabían que todos reímos y todos lloramos Y que en algún momento todos oramos. Que cada individuo, cada ser humano En algún momento necesita que… Continue reading El Idioma de Esperanza

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I Can’t

    I can’t Bear to think what we’ve become. I take that back this is like a bad rerun that won’t pass. Call me naive but I thought this was in the past, or at least that’s what I believed. I can’t Rinse the bitter aftertaste or erase nerve-rattling images of a man with… Continue reading I Can’t

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Love Like No Other

Some time ago my fellow writer friend, Godswill of Christ A Poet, and I were discussing our love for Jesus. He asked if I'd like to write about it with him, the result of that collaboration is below. We called it Love Like No Other for two reasons: 1. His love is like no other… Continue reading Love Like No Other


We Remember

Sixteen years ago the country was shaken by an event that was sure to end up in history books and documentaries. While we commemorate 9/11 and say will never forget, let's also remember He who has been long forgotten and slowly pushed out of this great nation. #GodBlessAmerica #InGodWeTrust #OneNationUnderGod #September11 #9/11 #WeWillNeverForget911 #1WritersHeart 1WritersHeart… Continue reading We Remember

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Like No Other

You found me deep in a putrid pit of sin, Result of my own failures and demise You found me bare and broken hearted, Result of a thirst to love and be loved You found what was left of me, of my life Result of a failed plan to escape my pain You didn’t care… Continue reading Like No Other

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The View

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Bottled Up

The woman in this passage heard that Jesus was nearby and brought her alabaster jar filled perfume and poured it out on His feet. Some of us have our own alabaster jars, except we fill them up with our frustrations and tears. We keep things bottled up like this woman's perfume. Perhaps today is the… Continue reading Bottled Up