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Let ‘em Go

The road ahead can go one of two ways; grow stronger ties or break these permanently, if the latter happens just remember this: You will live not in bliss if you beg them to stay

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A Thing Called Love

You took your time  to build a bond.  Crafted a perfect design  to cross beyond  my imperfections  and things I'm ashamed of.  You focused on making connections  and bridged our gap with a thing called Love.

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Forward Always

In Spanish there's a saying: "Don't go back, not even to gain momentum". The past is called that for a reason, because it passed. We can learn from it, all while making sure not to go back. I recall a series where the protagonist would say "Forward always, backwards never". Let's focus on the wonderful… Continue reading Forward Always

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Love Paths

I thought our paths crossed Instead I crossed to your path.  Ironically I found myself lost Having lost myself in our aftermath.  A tough decision had to be made I needed to break free from your love spell.  Back to my path I went feeling betrayed But I learned we will never work because our… Continue reading Love Paths

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Letter to the Past

Dear Past, I think we've danced this dance for far too long. I'm tired of being hurt by you and feeling worthless on account of the things occurred. This is the last time I fall for that. I refuse to let you continue dictating my present. I refuse to let you be a constant reminder… Continue reading Letter to the Past

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Be Encouraged!

Cheer up and keep going!

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There are those who make us better and those who makes us a beta.