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Appreciate the moments while we still can. 1WritersHeart

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Faux Real Love

Everybody wanna flaunt their versions of love But when your Ace turns to an ex, a why or a “what was I thinking of?” You begin to wonder if real love was ever the plan? Looks like it failed the true or false exam Illusions of being better make you bitter Because you tried to paint silver linings… Continue reading Faux Real Love

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We All Fall

Which path are you currently on?

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A mosaic is a work of art made of broken pieces; are broken hearts also masterpieces?

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Let ‘em Go

The road ahead can go one of two ways; grow stronger ties or break these permanently, if the latter happens just remember this: You will live not in bliss if you beg them to stay

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Love Runaway

Sometimes you just have to fly.

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Blurred Line

Somewhere down the line it became blurred And feelings began to cross over Emotions were beginning to stir The heart was no longer sober   With a head in the clouds, high on love A decision was made to cut the chord The moment was never to be spoken of And all feelings were pushed… Continue reading Blurred Line