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I Can’t

    I can’t Bear to think what we’ve become. I take that back this is like a bad rerun that won’t pass. Call me naive but I thought this was in the past, or at least that’s what I believed. I can’t Rinse the bitter aftertaste or erase nerve-rattling images of a man with… Continue reading I Can’t

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Take a Knee

When a man in love wants to unite his life, to the woman he hopes would be his wife. When he wants to ask: Will you marry me? That’s the moment to take a knee. When, while learning to walk, his child trips on his shoes, and daddy comes down to check for a bruise,… Continue reading Take a Knee

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Help Me Celebrate!

Tomorrow July 12th, 1WritersHeart turns 5 years old! Help me celebrate by naming the title of your favorite poem and it may just be one of the pieces shared during the celebration! Hurry, time is of the essence!

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Mi Refugio: Tus Palabras

Me refugiaré en Tus palabras Porque ellas no pasarán Abren caminos, y mis pasos iluminarán Me refugiaré en Tu cobertura Porque en Ti mi vida está segura Contigo veré la mañana de la noche oscura Me refugiaré en Tu gracia Porque es más que suficiente para mí Pongo mi fe completamente en Ti Me refugiaré… Continue reading Mi Refugio: Tus Palabras

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Faux Real Love

Everybody wanna flaunt their versions of love But when your Ace turns to an ex, a why or a “what was I thinking of?” You begin to wonder if real love was ever the plan? Looks like it failed the true or false exam Illusions of being better make you bitter Because you tried to paint silver linings… Continue reading Faux Real Love

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Growing Love

How can my love for you not grow? If my heart was the soil where you chose to sow.