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I Can’t

Copy of I Can’t 


I can’t

Bear to think what we’ve become.

I take that back this is like a bad rerun

that won’t pass. Call me naive

but I thought this was in the past, or at least that’s what I believed.

I can’t

Rinse the bitter aftertaste or erase

nerve-rattling images of a man with pain written across his face.

My mind can’t reconcile how anyone would think it’s right

after seeing how he was left, my disgust made me lose my appetite.

I can’t

Entertain the notion that people act like it’s still the fifties

only seeing life in black and white like old movies.

Our sight needs to be checked; where did Dr. King’s vision go?

How can we let his dream fly away but still hold on to Jim’s crow?

I can’t

Act as if it doesn’t affect me, I too am a minority,

only in name because when we unite we are the majority.

Help me cause an effect as I raise my words in protest.

We will not stand for the blatant disrespect that some chose to manifest.

I can’t

Terminate or eradicate injustice or racism

but I can teach my own to not fall in that schism.

I can teach them that the value of every human being around

is in being human and letting kindness resound.

I can’t

Hide my anger and be secretly in disgust.

This must be discussed, I can’t let my feelings rust.

We help when our small actions cause ripple effects,

ironing out wrinkles in the fabric of life that, for years, have been left unchecked.

I can’t

scape who I am or the fact that one day I’ll encounter hate,

but I emulate those good things that momma taught me which I still recall to date:

Help when you can, love your fellow man, and remember, kindness is free.

I can’t believe

we’ve yet to learn this, it’s the 21st century!

And as my thoughts drown me, I cry from underneath

I can’t….I can’t breathe.

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