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Something About You

Oh my dear…
I've told you in the past
You have a way about you.
If this were a fairytale, some would call it magic.
Me? I simply call it amazing.
If this were the hood, some would call it game.
Me? I simply call it amazing.
If this were titanic some would call it the iceberg.
But me? I simply call it amazing.

Love Capsule

To make a person cry is easy, making them laugh is the true challenge.

A Thing Called Love

You took your time 
to build a bond. 
Crafted a perfect design 
to cross beyond 
my imperfections 
and things I’m ashamed of. 
You focused on making connections 
and bridged our gap with a thing called


Hello Summer ☀️

Summer is here!!!! 🌴☀️🐠

Eres Mi Eternidad

Life is Simple

I’ve learned so much from the most unexpected teachers, and one of the biggest lessons for me is that life REALLY is…….SIMPLE.

While the children that I’ve encountered throughout the years have shown me this, it was a group of young adults with Down Syndrome, in a recent series I was watching, that reinforced this concept for me.

We are the ones who complicate things. If only we could learn from the innocence of children and those who have not been jaded by society and the cold culture that surrounds us. If only we could light up the flame of humanity once more. If only we could pay more attention to each other rather than our electronics and gadgets. How different life would be if we learned the secrets to its simplicity.

Today, let us get back to the basics. Let us apologize, forgive, laugh, dance, live and LOVE!



Mi Socorro

Alzaré mis ojos a los montes;
¿De dónde vendrá mi socorro?
Mi socorro viene de Jehová,
Que hizo los cielos y la tierra.

Salmos 121:1-2 RVR1960

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