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Help Me Celebrate!


Tomorrow July 12th, 1WritersHeart turns 5 years old!

Help me celebrate by naming the title of your favorite poem and it may just be one of the pieces shared during the celebration!

Hurry, time is of the essence!

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2 thoughts on “Help Me Celebrate!”

  1. Dear Lisa,
    I have more than one favorite…..
    One of them is: “Una obra de misericordia”
    and ANOTHER one:
    “This weekend I wanted to kill myself”
    My favorite portion of said poem being:
    “We never know what a person is going through
    Or what storms are stirring inside just by plain view
    Maybe an act of your kindness is long overdue
    Maybe that’s all they need to undo”

    I thank the Lord for the gift that He has placed inside of you. My prayer is for Him to continue to give you words to share with the world. You are a blessing. Happy 5th anniversary!!

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