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300 Pound Lady

Hey, there’s something I want to share with you, something that happened the other day. Funny, my initial reaction was: "ah it’s ok", but it really isn’t, so I have some things to say. By the way, I have no intentions of downplay, I’m gonna bear my soul and someone’s gon’ learn today. Because no… Continue reading 300 Pound Lady

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I Can’t

    I can’t Bear to think what we’ve become. I take that back this is like a bad rerun that won’t pass. Call me naive but I thought this was in the past, or at least that’s what I believed. I can’t Rinse the bitter aftertaste or erase nerve-rattling images of a man with… Continue reading I Can’t

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Something About You

Oh my dear...I've told you in the pastYou have a way about you.If this were a fairytale, some would call it magic.Me? I simply call it amazing.If this were the hood, some would call it game.Me? I simply call it amazing.If this were titanic some would call it the iceberg.But me? I simply call it… Continue reading Something About You

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Best Friend 

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Flashback Friday: A Musician’s Love

He holds the secret, he has the key Playing sweet melodies, never off-key Musician of the heart, he knows how to strike a chord In tune and in sync, their hearts in one accord He masterfully composes the perfect piece Giving her security and perfect peace On her heart he's etched his unforgettable prints As… Continue reading Flashback Friday: A Musician’s Love

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Throwback Thursday: Eve

I can't take credit for this, but I love the quote. (Taken from the Mathew Henry Commentary.)