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Something About You

Oh my dear…
I've told you in the past
You have a way about you.
If this were a fairytale, some would call it magic.
Me? I simply call it amazing.
If this were the hood, some would call it game.
Me? I simply call it amazing.
If this were titanic some would call it the iceberg.
But me? I simply call it amazing.

Best Friend 

A Girl in Love

Flashback Friday: A Musician’s Love

He holds the secret, he has the key
Playing sweet melodies, never off-key

Musician of the heart, he knows how to strike a chord
In tune and in sync, their hearts in one accord

He masterfully composes the perfect piece
Giving her security and perfect peace

On her heart he’s etched his unforgettable prints
As she slowly falls for her charming prince

A skillful musician, he knows the right notes
Unlocking her heart with handwritten love notes

He alters his tune and writes in a break
And at the altar promises her heart not to break

His wife he will make her, and together become one
A-sharp gentleman, her heart he has won. 

Throwback Thursday: Eve

I can’t take credit for this, but I love the quote.

(Taken from the Mathew Henry Commentary.)

Flashback Friday: Unfinished

Here’s an oldie from a little over 2 years, “Unfinished”:

I’m in a fog, lost in obscurity, a princess with no frog

But a frog is not ideal; I’m looking for a feeling that’s surreal

I’ve searched lost and found thinking you might be around

My other half, finished product, alone I’m just the draft

Blueprint with no architect, I’m an incomplete project

No Michelangelo for this sculpture, like Spain with no culture

Lost along the way, perhaps driven far by your own dismay

Or the fear of the unknown in search of your missing rib bone

Whatever it may be, don’t drown in your thoughts turned into a sea

Your arrival is much awaited, matter of fact anticipated

God knows the parts untold as His perfect plan starts to unfold

I am undone, only to be completed by my loved one

Without you clarity is diminished and I am unfinished.



Numb3rsNumbers are a universal language
Lately they’ve been put to bad use
Misread and misleading, an excuse to reduce
Results known to cause damage
Don’t let numbers define you
Break free from them and go find “YOU”
Measurements, likes, and shares
Numbers seem to rule the world
Used to rate both guys and girls
What’s your definition of self esteem?
Is it determined by your looks from 1-10?
Or by the number of “likes” you get from men?
Guys, is your value your net worth?
Or how much you bench at the gym?
Or an expensive car with chromed out rims?
Numbers. They have their role in life
But important things don’t have numerical measures
Like priceless moments and life’s simple pleasures
Numbers. They can’t measure true beauty
They definitely don’t measure love
And your worth? Well, that was determined by the man up above.

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