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We Used To Talk

Is it just me, or are we doing less talking nowadays?

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Throwback: Let’s

Let's Let’s be friends. Let’s unite two different backgrounds and create a unique blend. Let’s let our honesty never offend. Let’s not fight and if we do, promise to make amends. Let’s never leave the other alone to fend. Let’s promise to take each other’s brokenness and mend. Let’s hide in each other's arms to… Continue reading Throwback: Let’s

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Easter Thoughts

I'd like to share a few of my favorite Easter thoughts from previous posts:

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Flashback Friday: Love and Loss

Here's an oldie for Flashback Friday, "Love and Loss": Her face was caressed by a leaf blown off a tree It reminded her of his gentle touch A soft summer breeze encircled her and then let her free It reminded her of his warm embrace In silence she remained as she listened to the buzz… Continue reading Flashback Friday: Love and Loss

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Throwback Thursday: El Poder De Una Sonrisa

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Flashback Friday: A Musician’s Love

He holds the secret, he has the key Playing sweet melodies, never off-key Musician of the heart, he knows how to strike a chord In tune and in sync, their hearts in one accord He masterfully composes the perfect piece Giving her security and perfect peace On her heart he's etched his unforgettable prints As… Continue reading Flashback Friday: A Musician’s Love

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Throwback Thursday: Eve

I can't take credit for this, but I love the quote. (Taken from the Mathew Henry Commentary.)