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Throwback Thursday: Cupid’s Dart

For those who hold a grudge against Cupid!!!!!

“Cupid’s Dart”

He played her like a guitar

Tugging at the strings of her heart

Each note filled with a bittersweetness

Rather than Cupid’s arrow, she was pierced by his dart

Flashback Friday: Unfinished

Here’s an oldie from a little over 2 years, “Unfinished”:

I’m in a fog, lost in obscurity, a princess with no frog

But a frog is not ideal; I’m looking for a feeling that’s surreal

I’ve searched lost and found thinking you might be around

My other half, finished product, alone I’m just the draft

Blueprint with no architect, I’m an incomplete project

No Michelangelo for this sculpture, like Spain with no culture

Lost along the way, perhaps driven far by your own dismay

Or the fear of the unknown in search of your missing rib bone

Whatever it may be, don’t drown in your thoughts turned into a sea

Your arrival is much awaited, matter of fact anticipated

God knows the parts untold as His perfect plan starts to unfold

I am undone, only to be completed by my loved one

Without you clarity is diminished and I am unfinished.



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