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Smile for the World

When you see the world, you smile.
If smiles were gas we’d travel for miles.
When you see the world, you smile,
but when the world sees you it smiles back for a while.
So smile for the world because that never goes out of style!


Christmas Gift

A smile is gift enough.

The Author

The Author took the quill pen and wrote with a smile and a hum

When He was done the words read

“The best is yet to come”.


Her Happiness

A smile filled her lips and tears filled her eyes

She was happy

This happiness came from seeing another’s

For she wasn’t selfish

She understood true joy

It came from a place of Love

And she understood love

It came from forgiveness

She understood forgiveness

For she had been gifted it

So she lived and loved

She spread the seeds of joy with her smile

And smiled when others rejoiced

Because she was happy

And happiness is a gift

Love Capsule

A real smile can’t be hidden.

Life is Simple

I’ve learned so much from the most unexpected teachers, and one of the biggest lessons for me is that life REALLY is…….SIMPLE.

While the children that I’ve encountered throughout the years have shown me this, it was a group of young adults with Down Syndrome, in a recent series I was watching, that reinforced this concept for me.

We are the ones who complicate things. If only we could learn from the innocence of children and those who have not been jaded by society and the cold culture that surrounds us. If only we could light up the flame of humanity once more. If only we could pay more attention to each other rather than our electronics and gadgets. How different life would be if we learned the secrets to its simplicity.

Today, let us get back to the basics. Let us apologize, forgive, laugh, dance, live and LOVE!



Be Encouraged!

Cheer up and keep going!

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