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2 Meters From The Ground

Growing up I'd always hear my pastor share an anecdote about a person who'd gone mountain climbing and slipped only to be left hanging by a chord. It was a very foggy day and as a result, his visibility was limited. As he hung there, the climber heard the voice of God ask him: "Do… Continue reading 2 Meters From The Ground

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Happy New Year 2020

Hi Everyone,   What an exciting time it is, to celebrate new beginnings, fresh ideas, establish goals and start off with a clean slate! It's an interesting thing this 2020, watch the video below for a quick New Year word.   Happy New Year, all the best in 2020!!! 20/20 Faith Vision    

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Black Friday

There was a lot of hustle and buzz The news spread far, the lines were long People from all over came, that’s just what everyone does But they all had an opinion, some right, most wrong This was a once in a while event But today it drew more attention Everyone who could go, went… Continue reading Black Friday

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Oración de Lágrimas

Aveces nuestras oraciones no son formadas por nuestras palabras sino lagrimas. Pero puedes confiar que Dios las entiende todas. Escritora De Corazón

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Mi Refugio: Tu Presencia

Me refugiaré en Tu presencia Cuando sienta que ya no puedo dar un paso más Ni para adelante, ni para atrás. Me refugiaré en Tu presencia Cuando mis problemas se conviertan en tormentas Y me ahogue en sus aguas turbulentas. Me refugiaré en Tu presencia Cuando los lagos de mis ojos estén llenos de lágrimas… Continue reading Mi Refugio: Tu Presencia

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Mi Refugio: Tus Palabras

Me refugiaré en Tus palabras Porque ellas no pasarán Abren caminos, y mis pasos iluminarán Me refugiaré en Tu cobertura Porque en Ti mi vida está segura Contigo veré la mañana de la noche oscura Me refugiaré en Tu gracia Porque es más que suficiente para mí Pongo mi fe completamente en Ti Me refugiaré… Continue reading Mi Refugio: Tus Palabras

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The Journey

I’ve been re-reading the story of Joseph recently in an effort to look at it from a different perspective because I believe that Hebrews 4:12 is true in saying that the word of God is living and active. We usually read the story of Joseph with the outcome in mind, but what if just maybe,… Continue reading The Journey