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Oración de Lágrimas

Aveces nuestras oraciones no son formadas por nuestras palabras sino lagrimas. Pero puedes confiar que Dios las entiende todas. Escritora De Corazón

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Don’t Worry

To whom this may concern. To you who are worried or anxious about something. Allow me to tell you that I know the feeling. I too understand being worried or anxious to the point of losing my breath becoming physically ill. As a believer, I've come to learn that there is nothing impossible for God, and… Continue reading Don’t Worry


We Remember

Sixteen years ago the country was shaken by an event that was sure to end up in history books and documentaries. While we commemorate 9/11 and say will never forget, let's also remember He who has been long forgotten and slowly pushed out of this great nation. #GodBlessAmerica #InGodWeTrust #OneNationUnderGod #September11 #9/11 #WeWillNeverForget911 #1WritersHeart 1WritersHeart… Continue reading We Remember

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I Pray

I pray you learn to forgive, I pray you learn to be grateful. I pray you learn to live, I pray you learn not to be hateful But mostly I pray that it’s your fate to learn it all before it’s too LATE

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Pray for the World

There are so many things happening that we can't ignore the world around us anymore, and while we may feel impotent and powerless there is something that can be done; we can PRAY! Pray for war-torn countries that claim many innocent lives as casualties of their cause. Pray for poverty stricken countries where many die,… Continue reading Pray for the World

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This Giant and I

Heart pacing, mind racing both running in sync. This silence is so loud I can’t hear myself think. The walls close in, I’m enveloped in a cocoon. Hiding on an island by myself, I’m marooned. Too afraid to face my fears I’d rather turn around and run. Too weak from all my tears I’ve let… Continue reading This Giant and I

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Good Morning

Another day, another page in this chapter!