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Te Perdoné

Te perdoné porque pensé que te hacía un favor, pero en realidad me liberó del dolor, y me dio el valor para salir de la cárcel del odio consumidor. Te perdoné. ¿Quién iba a pensar, que al yo perdonar, sería libre nuevamente para amar? Ahora a quien perdono es a mi, porque carga me añadí… Continue reading Te Perdoné

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Awesome God

You leave me in awe The things that you’ve done for me How you gave your life for me When you went before me And left my debt prepaid for me So I give you my all It’s not enough but more than enough for you I will walk in your steps and live for… Continue reading Awesome God

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Her Happiness

A smile filled her lips and tears filled her eyes She was happy This happiness came from seeing another’s For she wasn’t selfish She understood true joy It came from a place of Love And she understood love It came from forgiveness She understood forgiveness For she had been gifted it So she lived and… Continue reading Her Happiness

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Jesus Your Love

Heart pounds like thunderBoom boom boom boomIt’s whispered your name Ever since my mother’s wombI fell for you as rain falls to the earthSplish splash splish splash You’re an artist and a wonder workerMade beauty from my heart of ashYour love fills my lungs so I may breatheYour love fuels my faith so I may… Continue reading Jesus Your Love

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Apology Letter

I'm sorry I gave you up so easily Should've held on tighter and longer I did this so frequently Should've controlled your flames like a firefighter Should've taught you to be stronger I'm sorry I let you crumble Should've guarded you and kept you safe Instead, I kept tripping' kept a steady stumble Should've not… Continue reading Apology Letter

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It is unconditional, unrivaled, and unmeasurable But we are undeserving YetYou understood and unselfishly gave it all for the known and unknown Unleashing an unbiased and unimaginable

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I Pray

I pray you learn to forgive, I pray you learn to be grateful. I pray you learn to live, I pray you learn not to be hateful But mostly I pray that it’s your fate to learn it all before it’s too LATE