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Something About You

Something about you reaches far beyond any man can go. You touch my infinity, never once forgetting your chivalry. You go beyond my frigidity straight to my heart, literally. You reach far beyond any man can go and you do so quite skillfully. Something about you speaks volumes in a quiet whisper. You speak the… Continue reading Something About You

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Take it All

Sometimes it's easy to forget the things that really matter. We become overwhelmed with fitting into a standard set by society; status, looks, titles, material possessions and so forth. Truth is, none of that matters if we aren't fulfilling our ONE job which is outlined in Mathew 28:19. Like the good book says: For what shall it profit a man, if he… Continue reading Take it All

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Made for Eternity

In a recent Bible study with the youth of my church, we were discussing Romans 12:2 where Paul writes not to “conform to this world”. I explained to them that our lives here are simply a pit stop on the way to eternity. It is what we do here though, that affects our eternity. While… Continue reading Made for Eternity

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Awesome God

You leave me in awe The things that you’ve done for me How you gave your life for me When you went before me And left my debt prepaid for me So I give you my all It’s not enough but more than enough for you I will walk in your steps and live for… Continue reading Awesome God

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It is unconditional, unrivaled, and unmeasurable But we are undeserving YetYou understood and unselfishly gave it all for the known and unknown Unleashing an unbiased and unimaginable

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Be Prepared

In light of the recent hurricane scare that Florida experienced, I wanted to share something that came to mind. When the threat of a storm became imminent and it seemed to be a sure thing, the state set their hurricane plans into motion. By Thursday morning, a vast majority of the population was ready. Upon waking… Continue reading Be Prepared


A Mother’s Pearls

In your sunset, as night prepared to cloud your eyes You passed your pearls before your demise: “Live, love and forgive your enemy. Spread hope, speak truth and share eternity.” With one last look up to the skies You took a breath and closed your eyes