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Pass It On

Recently my mother and I were discussing fashion trends that existed during her youth, and I wondered why she never saved any of that stuff to pass down. My family is not big on heirlooms, something valuable that is passed down from generation to generation. Then I read today's passage and realized my mother gave me… Continue reading Pass It On

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You’re The One

"You're The One" Before anything, I loved you first You're the one for whom my heart thirsts  I met you before I knew anyone else You're the one for whom my heart melts You've taken me in despite my flaws You're the one to whom my heart calls The friend whose always wiped my tears… Continue reading You’re The One

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Choose Wisely 

I've seen an illustration of this using a rope. If eternity were a long rope, then just the tip of that rope would be our lives here on earth. Yet our actions during that time are the deciding factors of our eternal destinations. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 10:23 that although we may be allowed… Continue reading Choose Wisely 

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Not Ready Yet

Ever cooked anything that required continuos stirring until it was done? Believers are sort of the same, just in case anyone considered themselves perfect. The reality is we are works in progress. We fail and have our flaws, but God is continuously stirring things up in our lives as He molds us. We are many… Continue reading Not Ready Yet

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Black Friday, and in more recent years Thanksgiving, mark the beginning of the holiday shopping season. People crowd malls, stores, and websites in an effort to find the best deals on gifts, but there's no gift like that of eternity through salvation. It comes with a hefty price; a life. Jesus paid that price so we… Continue reading FREE GIFT!!!!!

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Panoramic View

Imagine the difference between seeing the Grand Canyon in a 4x6 picture and comparing that to a panoramic image; or even better, seeing it in person, there's so much more to be appreciated. Our lives here are similar to that situation, just a mere snapshot of eternity. Bad days will come, we will face pain and grief, but… Continue reading Panoramic View

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Straight and Narrow

Consider a diabetic, while he may love seemingly harmless sweets, they can potentially kill him. Although they may be easily accessible, he realizes that he doesn't NEED sweets and can do without. He sacrifices eating them (which would satisfy his momentary needs) in order to have a better quality of life in the long run. Mathew 7:14 speaks… Continue reading Straight and Narrow