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Happy Mother's Day ladies! They say Rome wasn't built in a day, So remember this when clouds turn to gray, and when the house is messy from the kids' bustle and play. "Good things take time", that's what people say, And though today's teachings will be tomorrow's yesterday, It will be those things that show… Continue reading BEAUTIFUL THAT WAY!

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To My Child

Dear child, why are you so sad? What has your spirit so low? Why do you roam about like a hopeless nomad? Like there’s nowhere you’re welcomed, nowhere to go? Why are your eyes pools for bitter tears? To what or to whom have you lost your joy? Have you finally made reality of your… Continue reading To My Child

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Pass It On

Recently my mother and I were discussing fashion trends that existed during her youth, and I wondered why she never saved any of that stuff to pass down. My family is not big on heirlooms, something valuable that is passed down from generation to generation. Then I read today's passage and realized my mother gave me… Continue reading Pass It On

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Back to School

I've learned in life that, unfortunately, a parent cannot be everywhere their child is. There comes a time when they must let go and trust in 2 things: 1. that they've done a good job raising them and 2. trust in God. Sometimes letting go is just for a few hours, like the first day… Continue reading Back to School

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A Lesson in Line

While waiting in line at a store one day I observed two little girls playing. At first I thought they were probably there together but quickly realized they'd just met. I loved their innocence. They didn't judge each other's physical appearance or differences, each one found in the other a companion with whom to play.… Continue reading A Lesson in Line