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Black Friday

There was a lot of hustle and buzz

The news spread far, the lines were long

People from all over came, that’s just what everyone does

But they all had an opinion, some right, most wrong

This was a once in a while event

But today it drew more attention

Everyone who could go, went

The place was packed with people, gossip and tension

Black was the Friday when our Savior hung

From a cross where He drew His last breaths

Seven last words He withdrew from tired lungs

Before His collapse and ultimate death

But Sunday was coming with more than expected

Despite what the cross displayed

The plan of salvation remained unaffected

By the events of that Black Friday

One Writers Heart

La Rueda del Alfarero

El alfarero está en su taller
La rueda está encendida
La vida da vueltas
Vueltas da la vida

El barro está mezclado
y listo para moldear
El alfarero extiende sus manos
El también está listo, listo para comenzar

El alfarero está en su taller
La rueda está encendida
La vida da vueltas
Vueltas da la vida

Con el barro en la rueda
el alfarero comienza a dar forma
y lo que antes era deforme
en una vasija se transforma

El alfarero está en su taller
La rueda está encendida
La vida da vueltas
Vueltas da la vida

La rueda del alfarero
No se puede apagar
mientras las manos del maestro
no dejen de trabajar

El alfarero está en su taller
La rueda está encendida
La vida da vueltas
Vueltas da la vida

Y cuando haya sido formada
Cuando haya sido moldeada la vasija
Aún sigue trabajando el alfarero
Para darle color a su obra, para darle vida

El alfarero está en su taller
La rueda está encendida
La vida da vueltas
Vueltas da la vida

Pero el trabajo del alfarero
No es solo crear
Su rueda también es útil
Para aquellas vasijas que el necesita restaurar

El alfarero está en su taller
La rueda está encendida
La vida da vueltas
Vueltas da la vida

Hay vasijas que nadie quiere
Quizás han sido desvaloradas
Pero el alfarero le da propósito
A esas vasijas descartadas

El alfarero está en su taller
La rueda está encendida
La vida da vueltas
Vueltas da la vida

Vasijas que han sufrido
Desilusiones y rechazos
Que a pesar de haberla quebrado
También pretendían quedarse con sus pedazos

El alfarero está en su taller
La rueda está encendida
La vida da vueltas
Vueltas da la vida

Pero el alfarero es misericordioso
Porque el no solo ve lo que tiene en frente
En sus manos, podrás comenzar como solo pedazos
Pero te aseguro que saldrás diferente

El alfarero está en su taller
La rueda está encendida
La vida da vueltas
Vueltas da la vida

Al estar en la rueda
La vasija se arriesga a quebrar
Pero si te vas a deshacer, si te vas a quebrantar
No hay como las manos del alfarero, no existe mejor lugar

El alfarero está en su taller
La rueda está encendida
La vida da vueltas
Vueltas da la vida

La rueda da vueltas
Pero ahí nunca estarás sobre girado
Porque el alfarero ya pago toda deuda
Para poder tenerte a su lado

El alfarero te espera en su taller
La rueda está encendida
Y con cada vuelta
Él quiere cambiar tu vida


Something About You

Something about you
reaches far beyond any man can go.
You touch my infinity,
never once forgetting your chivalry.
You go beyond my frigidity
straight to my heart, literally.
You reach far beyond any man can go
and you do so quite skillfully.

Something about you
speaks volumes in a quiet whisper.
You speak the language of my spirit
so clear I can almost hear it,
so sweet like a love song lyric,
so real that I live it.
You speak volumes in a quiet whisper
don’t ever stop, just keep with it.

Something about you
seems so familiar
as if I knew you before we met,
synchronized like a quartet,
in life and death, before my sunrise and after the sun sets.
We’re destined to be, this love was preset.

Something seems so familiar.
You’re the one my spirit and heart cannot forget.

I get lost in your love, but who’s keeping score?
With you, the present is a gift with daily encores.
If this love were rain bring on the downpours.
Let the entirety of my eternity forever be yours.



Historia de Amor

El autor se sentó a la mesa a escribir

Y ahí Su historia comenzó a concebir

“Esta sería una historia que cambiaría el mundo”, Él empezó a decir

“No hay, ni habrá otra similar, ni en el pasado, ni en lo porvenir”

“Esta es una historia de amor

Y aunque el protagonista sufrió mucho dolor

Es una historia de esperanza”, pensó el autor

Y con cada palabra que escribía, a Su historia le daba color

“La escribo para el que está cargado, el desanimado, y el triste

Para aquel que persevera, que insiste y persiste

Es para el incrédulo, aquel que piensa que el amor no existe

Para el rico que lo tiene todo, y el pobre que con poco subsiste

Mientras escribía el autor, Sus ojos se inundaron de lágrimas que no le permitían ver,

Pero era necesario continuar escribiendo, porque el mundo necesita saber

Que hay un amor tan fuerte que ni el pecado lo puede disolver

Un amor que arropa, perdona, cambia y nunca deja de ser

Fue por amor que el protagonista pagó el precio mayor

Fue por amor que sus acciones optimistas le resultaron en tan grande dolor

Fue por amor que aún con Su vista nublada por la sangre y el sudor

Él observó a su alrededor, pasó lista y tú estabas en la mira del gran Salvador

Cada palabra escrita lleva con ella un gran peso

Pues este acto de amor, la muerte del protagonista, pagó nuestras deudas en exceso

Este acto marcó la eternidad del mundo ofreciéndonos acceso

A una vida de esperanza que, aunque difícil, nos libró de ser presos

Muchos conocemos la historia, pero no termina con la resurrección de Jesús

Este capítulo de amor solo comenzó en la cruz

Él pone comas donde antes habían puntos, porque en Él hay esperanza ilimitada para dar

Él es la respuesta a cualquier prueba que te quiera hacer fallar

Aún le falta mucho al autor por escribir, porque las páginas de tu vida quiere llenar

Su amor no tiene medida y tu final feliz Él te quiere dar



A Ray of Light

This morning as I walked outside, I caught a glimpse of the sunrise which squeezed its rays through, what I consider to be, very tall bushes. It was a majestic display, and simultaneously intriguing how the sun, as big as it is, managed to slip through a crack in the wall and the shrubs that covered it. The Son is capable of doing the same, if we allow it. He is The Creator of everything, He holds the world in His hands, however, if we let Him past our walls, He would gladly come in to shine His light and fill us with His love.

The one who is the true light, who gives light to everyone, was coming into the world. He came into the very world he created, but the world didn’t recognize him. He came to his own people, and even they rejected him. But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God. (John 1:9-12 NLT)


Best Gift Ever

The real Christmas gift can’t be bought, just accepted.

Love Like No Other

Some time ago my fellow writer friend, Godswill of Christ A Poet, and I were discussing our love for Jesus. He asked if I’d like to write about it with him, the result of that collaboration is below. We called it Love Like No Other for two reasons: 1. His love is like no other and 2. He loves us like no other can. Without further ado, let me share this love with you:

It’s 4am in the morning
And one thing keeps me smiling
Feels like four Amens won’t do
When I hear of how much you love Jesus too

See there’s no other love quite like this one
He’s not just anyone, but The One
The Trinity: Father, Spirit, Son
This love renders one undone

Perfect present cleansing is this love
For me and you and 7 trillion others more
No truer song has ever been sung
Behold what manner of love the father has given unto us

This kind of love fills any void and colors in all grays
It’s how I draw each and every breath of my praise
This kind of love is untamed and unrestrained
Yes this love has a name, name above all names

Love so amazing (Amazon) it literally speaks life
Love so transforming; it’s 100% successful every time
Love so fulfilling it overflows: rivers of life
Love so immortal He never dies

If this love were a star, it would be a galaxy
If it were a drop, it would be the deep blue sea
If it were a minute, it would be eternity
It is something and simultaneously everything

Isn’t it odd that this Love is one so even
Isn’t it unforgivable the much we’ve been forgiven
Isn’t it inhuman his love for us humans
Isn’t it deep the height of this love from God for man

A free gift that paid the world’s most expensive debt
Blood-wash that leaves one white as snow
Removing the stains of sin, hurt, pain and regret
Priceless heirloom which on us was bestowed

Take a mirror and marvel: Love at work
Take a bible and Learn: Love’s architecture
Never was there any thing surer
Than this love of which we are born

The melody of my heartbeat is this love
The missing piece to every puzzle is this love
The song of my soul’s salvation is this love
The solution to every problem is this love

Sing aloud love’s song
Dance a jig for what love’s done
Love came for one and all
Love lives in all who answer the call

Like the season for this love I fall
Like the month I will march on and proclaim this love to all
This timeless gift is present and everlasting
It grows with every share, a love worth broadcasting

I relish in the thought of one day beholding love’s face
To see before me what was always within me: vase
Amazing love tis a sound so delish
I can only imagine what that would be

Oh the questions I’ll have when we meet face to face
Dear love, to be wrapped in your warm embrace
Yet somehow I feel all the questions may fade
But one thing I won’t hold back are the tears that’ll cascade

This love knew my pain and held on still
This love I threw away but he kept fellowship
This love I never deserved still he gave me him
This love I proclaim to see someday

Love that never led me astray
Love that always showed me the way
Love that made sure I was ok
Love is the reason I’m alive today

I dare say I love this love though so frail
For one thing, I’m sure would never fail
Is the love with which this love loves me every day
Hear me say I love this love once again

When once I tried my life to take
This love dove into my despair
When once I was shattered by heartache
My heart, this love, did mend and repair

When in doubt I stare at hopes gone
Love holds my hand and Faith restores
When words I cannot find to ease my heart
Love forms these lines that some call art

What’s in a name? What’s this love called?
This four-letter verb that has us enthralled?
The name, The Word, for a love so unique
That without it, my soul fades and my heart becomes weak

Perhaps when tomorrow will be in view
I would know what words could describe you
Perhaps my wonder as I stand in your view
Would let me see endless depths you love me through

This wonderful promise so amazing and true
It’s open to all, it’s available to you
Ready your heart for this gift we speak of
Christ’s unconditional and unchanging love

We testify of something so good for you
No need for diets you can’t overfeed on this truth
We write so you read and confess too
The love of God is true and for you


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