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Black Friday

There was a lot of hustle and buzz The news spread far, the lines were long People from all over came, that’s just what everyone does But they all had an opinion, some right, most wrong This was a once in a while event But today it drew more attention Everyone who could go, went… Continue reading Black Friday

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La Rueda del Alfarero

El alfarero está en su taller La rueda está encendida La vida da vueltas Vueltas da la vida El barro está mezclado y listo para moldear El alfarero extiende sus manos El también está listo, listo para comenzar El alfarero está en su taller La rueda está encendida La vida da vueltas Vueltas da la… Continue reading La Rueda del Alfarero

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Something About You

Something about you reaches far beyond any man can go. You touch my infinity, never once forgetting your chivalry. You go beyond my frigidity straight to my heart, literally. You reach far beyond any man can go and you do so quite skillfully. Something about you speaks volumes in a quiet whisper. You speak the… Continue reading Something About You

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Historia de Amor

El autor se sentó a la mesa a escribir Y ahí Su historia comenzó a concebir “Esta sería una historia que cambiaría el mundo”, Él empezó a decir “No hay, ni habrá otra similar, ni en el pasado, ni en lo porvenir” “Esta es una historia de amor Y aunque el protagonista sufrió mucho dolor… Continue reading Historia de Amor

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A Ray of Light

This morning as I walked outside, I caught a glimpse of the sunrise which squeezed its rays through, what I consider to be, very tall bushes. It was a majestic display, and simultaneously intriguing how the sun, as big as it is, managed to slip through a crack in the wall and the shrubs that… Continue reading A Ray of Light

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Best Gift Ever

The real Christmas gift can't be bought, just accepted. 1WritersHeart.com

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Love Like No Other

Some time ago my fellow writer friend, Godswill of Christ A Poet, and I were discussing our love for Jesus. He asked if I'd like to write about it with him, the result of that collaboration is below. We called it Love Like No Other for two reasons: 1. His love is like no other… Continue reading Love Like No Other