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Blurred Line

Somewhere down the line it became blurred

And feelings began to cross over

Emotions were beginning to stir

The heart was no longer sober


With a head in the clouds, high on love

A decision was made to cut the chord

The moment was never to be spoken of

And all feelings were pushed back in and neatly stored


Yes You Are

Surround yourself with people who add value to your life.

Hello Spring

Best Friend 

A Girl in Love

Throwback: Let’s


Let’s be friends.

Let’s unite two different backgrounds and create a unique blend.

Let’s let our honesty never offend.

Let’s not fight and if we do, promise to make amends.

Let’s never leave the other alone to fend.

Let’s promise to take each other’s brokenness and mend.

Let’s hide in each other’s arms to protect and defend.

Let’s live our stages, and let this friendship ascend.

Let’s outlive the latest fad and be more than a passing trend.

Let’s be committed to each other, not letting problems grow and transcend.

Let’s work things out and promise to never abandon or suspend.

Let’s love for real and never pretend.

Let’s grow old together from now until the end.

We Have It All

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