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Yes You Are

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Timeless Love

Song of Solomon 8:7a (NLV) Many waters cannot put out love...   He looked over to her, grabbed her hand, and stared deep into her eyes as if looking into her soul. - "Remember when we were young?" -"How could I forget? We were so in love." -"Yes, I almost won you over...almost." Then the clock… Continue reading Timeless Love

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The Word Is ALIVE!

Question: Have you ever watched a movie several times and each time find something different? the Bible is like that. It is literally the handbook that we as believers have to guide us in this path, but we can't enjoy it's many benefits if we don't read it. Honestly, the Bible never ceases to surprise me,… Continue reading The Word Is ALIVE!

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Silent Outcry

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Some of the toughest battles are not the ones we fight physically with others, but the ones we fight internally with ourselves. The fact that they are not easily overcome doesn't make them impossible to defeat. We have been given the necessary tools (Ephesians 6:14-17), so hang in there and remember what the Bible says: "...Resist… Continue reading Battlefield