Reflection, Spiritual

A Path Worth Following

Jesus showed us the true meaning of leadership; He taught by example. If we as believers are to guide people to Him, let's consider using His methods and serve those around us. Leadership is not about how many followers we have but about practicing what we preach, thus creating a path that is worth following. After… Continue reading A Path Worth Following

Reflection, Spiritual

The Word Is ALIVE!

Question: Have you ever watched a movie several times and each time find something different? the Bible is like that. It is literally the handbook that we as believers have to guide us in this path, but we can't enjoy it's many benefits if we don't read it. Honestly, the Bible never ceases to surprise me,… Continue reading The Word Is ALIVE!

Hope, Reflection, Spiritual

Hope For You

In The Hunger Games, President Snow said "Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective." This quote reminds me to never lose that which gets me through rainy days and dark nights...HOPE. From a very young age I was taught that my source of hope is God, and when I… Continue reading Hope For You

Reflection, Spiritual

Right to Counsel

The Sixth Amendment of the United States grants it citizens the right to counsel; someone to plead on their behalf. Believers have this same right except that this "lawyer" is someone with much more authority. Moreover, what better person to intercede on our behalf, than someone who has already walked down this path? We have… Continue reading Right to Counsel

Reflection, Spiritual

Guiding Light

I remember one year during camp, we turned off the lights of the room and began running around in the dark, and though we knew where everything was, we bumped into everything and everyone! Being in the dark blinds us, but light makes a huge difference. It helps us see with clarity, protects us from… Continue reading Guiding Light

Poetry, Tough Love

Unspoken Conversation 

You should've told me Why didn't you come to me Did you think I'd disagree? Wouldn't let you be? Be disappointed? Maybe, probably But I wouldn't have shamed thee You should've come to me If my door was closed, you should've knocked We could've talked Maybe even taken a walk Several times around the block… Continue reading Unspoken Conversation