Poetry, Tough Love

Unspoken Conversation 

You should’ve told me

Why didn’t you come to me

Did you think I’d disagree?

Wouldn’t let you be?

Be disappointed? Maybe, probably

But I wouldn’t have shamed thee

You should’ve come to me

If my door was closed, you should’ve knocked

We could’ve talked

Maybe even taken a walk

Several times around the block

Nothing you said would’ve caused me shock

You should’ve come to me

I understand love and pain

I understand image issues, weight loss and gain

I understand mistakes, feeling ashamed

I understand feeling tied down and constrained

I understand temptation and the challenge to abstain

You should’ve come to me

I was once your age

I’ve walked down that path, performed on that stage

I remember feeling like I was locked in a cage

I recall the burst of emotions; love and rage

Life has taught me many lessons, I could’ve given you a page

You should’ve come to me

But now we have this unspoken conversation

The lack of vent resulted in built up frustrations

Now we’ve drifted apart to separate locations

Our hearts torn, in need of renovation

And though I’m moving forward without any hesitation

I leave you with this open invitation

You can still come to me

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