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Take a Knee

Copy of Take A Knee

When a man in love wants to unite his life,

to the woman he hopes would be his wife.

When he wants to ask: Will you marry me?

That’s the moment to take a knee.

When, while learning to walk, his child trips on his shoes,

and daddy comes down to check for a bruise,

as he wipes away tears and says: “Come, let me see”.

That’s the moment to take a knee.

When he’s man enough to accept

that his word or his promise he’s not kept.

When he asks to be forgiven, as he makes his plea,

that’s the moment to take a knee.

Whether he’s visiting a grave or honoring the living.

Whether he’s showing respect, being forgiven or forgiving,

with all of the above surely we can agree,

that’s the moment to take a knee.

But man has corrupted the taking of a knee.

Using it in ways that were not meant to be.

And when one man took his knee to the neck of another

That’s the moment man was divided against his brother.

And while we share the anger, the hurt and disrespect,

let’s not lose our heads in actions we’ll regret.

Let’s stand together and protest peacefully.

For the injustice delivered by one man, when he took a knee.

Let us unite our voices and our heavy hearts bare.

Let our spirit cry out to its maker in prayer.

Let us turn to God for this world in need of mercy,

Because this is the moment to take a knee.


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2 thoughts on “Take a Knee”

  1. Wow, my dear talented friend Lisa, the whole presentation, the words, your voice, all precious. Thank you for letting me and all the others who will see this, have that amazing moment, that wonderful privilege. Love you and admire you so much.

    Liked by 1 person

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