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We All Fall

Which path are you currently on?


Dive In

She was scared of falling in love after being hurt so many times. Plus, she wanted control of her own destiny and “falling” was the opposite of that.

While writing her own story she met him. Something about him called out to her, but she refused to fall in love, so she closed her eyes and dove right in. 

Autumn Love

Stand Up

If life has taught me one thing it’s this, the key to falling is in getting back up.


I hate that our summers have turned to fall and…
maybe winter 
I just can’t help that I’ve fallen
I try so hard to get back up but I keep falling 
If I’m distant it’s only as a precaution not to fall in…

Yes, come

IMG_4516There’s an old gospel song that says A saint is but a sinner who fell down and got up. Whether we care to admit it or not, we have all sinned, we’ve all failed God. Proverbs 24:16 teaches us that the key to falling is in getting back up. What I love most about my walk with God is that each time I got up and dusted myself off, He was always there with open arms to accept me “as is”. Those same arms that were nailed open to the cross remain open today and invite everyone, regardless of their condition to simply “come”.

“Yes, come,” Jesus said. (Matthew 14:29a NLT)

A Trip And A Fall

I tripped and fell

By mistake for you

I tripped and fell

But you had no clue

I tripped and fell

I saw you had tripped too

I tripped and fell

As our love slowly grew

I tripped and fell

But with time you withdrew

Now I wonder

Was any of it true?

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