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Like No Other

You found me deep in a putrid pit of sin, Result of my own failures and demise You found me bare and broken hearted, Result of a thirst to love and be loved You found what was left of me, of my life Result of a failed plan to escape my pain You didn’t care… Continue reading Like No Other

Reflection, Spiritual

His Ultimate Creation

Sometimes, during quiet moments, I like to observe nature. I find there's a special kind of peace in doing this. It amazes me how each thing has its own beauty and story to tell. Yet there is one thing it all has in common; everything was created by God and in its own way, nature's… Continue reading His Ultimate Creation

Poetry, Spiritual

What I Have

    I’m not a preacher or a teacher, but a simple creature I can’t sing or play a string, but what I have I bring Can’t give a dissertation that provokes a standing ovation Can’t move one to tears but I offer this humble premier For what I do is write; written expression is… Continue reading What I Have