Poetry, Spiritual

What I Have


What I Have


I’m not a preacher or a teacher, but a simple creature
I can’t sing or play a string, but what I have I bring
Can’t give a dissertation that provokes a standing ovation
Can’t move one to tears but I offer this humble premier
For what I do is write; written expression is my delight
With what I have I'll make due, I give my all unto you

I know my creator did not make me a spectator 
He gave me this gift and with it His name I uplift
Simple tools; paper and ink. With them I write what I feel and think
My words paint pictures like David in the scriptures
They cry out like Job who tried to cope 
When all was lost and he had no hope
As part of your plans, you placed this in my hands
So rather than complain and get angry in vain I will use what I have and the gospel proclaim

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