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Like No Other

You found me deep in a putrid pit of sin,
Result of my own failures and demise
You found me bare and broken hearted,
Result of a thirst to love and be loved
You found what was left of me, of my life
Result of a failed plan to escape my pain

You didn’t care for what was but what would be
You didn’t care about my current state but about eternity
You didn’t care about my pieces because you made me whole
You didn’t care about my appearance, you just wanted to save my soul

You gave me purpose
When you extended your nail scarred hand
You gave me hope
When your blood-wash cleaned my every stain
You gave me freedom
When you bounded me with your love

Your love is
As sure as every dusk has a dawn
Your love is
As deep as the uncharted ocean
Your love is
As wide as the unending sky
Your love is
As immeasurable as eternity
Your love is
Like no other

I love you
With my whole heart which you made new
I love you
With my soul which you saved from hell’s abyss
I love you
With my life which you gave meaning to
I love you
With every fiber of my being which you formed in mother’s womb and sealed its fate with heaven’s kiss.

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