Hello Summer ☀️

Summer is here!!!! 🌴☀️🐠

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His Ultimate Creation

Sometimes, during quiet moments, I like to observe nature. I find there's a special kind of peace in doing this. It amazes me how each thing has its own beauty and story to tell. Yet there is one thing it all has in common; everything was created by God and in its own way, nature's… Continue reading His Ultimate Creation

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Fall In Love Daily

Look around and you'll find tons of reasons to fall in love with Him daily!

Reflection, Spiritual

Crown Worthy

I recall countless times in my life where I hadn't given myself the worth I deserved. What's worse, I had allowed others to do the same as well. When I saw myself I only saw failures and imperfections, I couldn't see myself through God's eyes. He created us, crowned us, called us His own, and loves… Continue reading Crown Worthy

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Breath of Life

There are a lot of things we often take for granted; air for example, is one of them. When God breathed on Adam, He gave him life and brought him into existence. Every morning, I try to make my first conscious breath a word of thanks to the giver of life for granting me the gift… Continue reading Breath of Life