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How Deep is Your Love?

Ever wonder how vast the universe is, or how deep the ocean is, or how wide the sky is? The exact measures are unknown as scientists are still exploring uncharted territories. Imagine, they were all created by God, who is limitless. As we grow closer to Him, I pray we discover new depths of His… Continue reading How Deep is Your Love?

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Sing, shout, dance

For the poetically inclined, romantics and maybe even musicians, allow me to suggest the book of Psalms. It's filled with poetic scripture that sometimes requires a few re-reads in order to comprehend, but the last verse of the last chapter of this book is as clear as can be. What I love most is that… Continue reading Sing, shout, dance

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Anybody Care?

There are situations in life that can make us feel insignificant. At some point many of us have found ourselves alone, wondering if anyone cares. Truth is, God cares; so much that He even has an inventory of the very hairs on our heads (easier for some than others). We are valuable to Him. In… Continue reading Anybody Care?

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No Filter Needed

God is the ultimate artist. His work doesn't need any touch ups or airbrushing; after all He's not just an artist, He's The Creator!

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God the artist

The sky is His canvas and we are His creation.