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Today and Always

Today was our day, Your gentle warmth woke me up As your light caressed my face I opened my eyes and poured out my heart to you Tears flowed in place of words, but you understood Today, I was reminded of your love You showed yourself in nature In how carefully you crafted it In… Continue reading Today and Always

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Falling Star

"Gifted" they said, above average  A special package Often compared to a star But if they only knew how far They were from reality More like a falling star pulled down by gravity Everyone was wrapped up in placing their wish When the star passed through with its bright swish  No one noticed the star… Continue reading Falling Star

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Guiding Light

I remember one year during camp, we turned off the lights of the room and began running around in the dark, and though we knew where everything was, we bumped into everything and everyone! Being in the dark blinds us, but light makes a huge difference. It helps us see with clarity, protects us from… Continue reading Guiding Light

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Silent Outcry

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You Probably Won’t Read This

If I can't be honest with myself, how can I be honest with the world?  Allow me a moment of your time to share a piece of my heart. I didn't start my page just to paint a perfect picture. Life isn't always seen through rose-tinted glasses. There are issues, real issues that we don't like… Continue reading You Probably Won’t Read This